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Panel Schedule


SATURDAY (1)_edited.jpg

2:30 PM  |  VIP Passholder Entry
3:00 PM  |  General Passholder Entry


4:00 PM  |  Catgirl Origins: An Introduction to Feline Yokai. Let's explore Japan's supernatural cats and how they play into anime and pop culture. Meow!

4:45 PM  |  Rewriting The Universe One Fanfic At A Time-

The pandemic saw many productions pause or completely shut down, but the fans not only kept the story going, but created new worlds and stories. Let's explore the good, the bad, the obscure and the truly wild fanfic out there. 

5:30 PM  |  What the Wig?- CosplaybyLo

Do you have a vision for what you want your wig to look like, but you just can’t figure out how to achieve it? Do you need advice on how to tackle those terrible tangles? This wig class will give you a chance to ask our cosplay expert, CosplaybyLo.

6:15 PM  |  An Anime Acoustic Panel with Ricco Fajardo! Come watch Ricco play a special acoustic guitar show just for his Anime Town Fans!

8:00 PM   |  Anime Town is Now Closed!

See You Saturday!

Panel Room #1

6:15 PM  |  Tea With The Fire Nation

Tea with the Fire Nation will consist of a Q & A with Prince Zuko, Princess Azula, and General Iroh in cosplay, all completely in character!

7:00 PM | Entering Anime & Manga Studies

Are you interested in getting into anime and manga studies? This informative session explores the multidisciplinary field of anime and manga studies. Led by one academic enthusiast (and a newly minted copy editor for JAMS), you'll be invited to delve into the various avenues for consideration of those interested in the study of this vibrant medium! Including academic programs, research opportunities, online resources, and community initiatives. Let's help this rapidly growing field by further igniting a passion for scholarly exploration and appreciation of these captivating forms of storytelling!

8:00 PM   |  Anime Town is Now Closed!

See You Saturday!


9:30 AM  |  VIP Passholder Entry
10:00 AM  |  General Passholder Entry


10:30 AM  |  Anime Improv! 

Myself and several other members of a Greenville-based improv theater are big anime fans and have the framework for an Hour long family-friendly, anime-themed improv show with short form games, similar to what you’d see on Who’s Line Is It Anyway - we’ll just need suggestions from the audience to make it work!

12:00 PM  |  My Hero Academia With Kyle Philips, Ian Sinclair and Sonny Strait.

12:45 PM  |  Becoming A Voice Actor With Chuck Huber and Jeremy Inman

1:30 PM    |  Dragonball With Stephanie Nadolny and Linda Young

2:15 PM    |  All Things Jujutsu Kaisen with Adam McArthur and Anne Yatco

3:00 PM    |  Being a Villain with Kellen Goff. A Q&A

3:45 PM    |  A Q&A Session With Brittney Karbowski

4:30 PM    |  A Sailormoon Singing Panel with Sailormoon voice Jennifer Cihi. Come watch Jennifer sing original songs from Sailormoon!

5:30 PM    |  Cosplay Contest

6:00 PM  |  Anime Town is Now Closed!

See You Sunday!

Panel Room #1

10:30 AM  | Making A Place For Yokai In The Modern World

 A panel examining Japan's rich spiritual heritage, including Shintoism, yokai mythology, and the impact of these beliefs and myths on Japanese animation and manga. Using the series "Natsume Yuujinchou" as the frame for this discussion, this panel demonstrates how the yokai mythos continues to find a place in modern society.

11:15 AM  |  Anime Plots and Story Arc

My panel will focus on questions regarding plots in past and new anime. Like what was their favorite arc and why? If you could create your own arc for your character, what would be the theme? And a list of other questions.

12:00 PM  |  Manga & Comics: A Different Cultural Base

A brief introduction to the basic differences between manga and comics from a cultural standpoint and how this difference in treatment may be leading to the industry boom we see today.

12:45 PM   |  Yuri On Ice (In Character Q&A) 

This panel is an in-character Yuri on Ice cosplay group, featuring cosplays of some of the show’s favorite characters! Viewers can come and ask our cosplayers questions and they will remain in character.

6:00 PM  |  Anime Town is Now Closed!

See You Sunday!

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10:30 AM  |  VIP Passholder Entry
11:00 AM  |  General Passholder Entry


11:30 AM  |  

OHSHC Takes on Anime Town Greenville!

This panel is an in-character Ouran HighSchool Host Club cosplay group, featuring cosplays of some of the show’s favorite characters! Viewers can come and ask our cosplayers questions and they will remain in character.

12:15 PM  |  

Villain Support Live!-

Hosted by Chris Wolf 

I run the Villain Support (@villainsupport) Social Media Channels and have almost a half-million followers  across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and do short sketches of customer-service style phone calls with Villains.


Villain Support Live! is an improvised experience where I welcome everyone, explain Villain Support real quick and what the plan for the panel is, and then ask for suggestions from the audience to create a brand new, original anime villain on the spot - what type of anime they are from (shonen, Isekai, slice of life, etc), what type of anime setting they are in - (magical, sci-fi, horror, etc), their powers/abilities, who the hero/heroes they fight against are and what those heroes can do, and a name for their new villain and the organization or kingdom they run, and then do a villain support-style call with this villain live in front of the audience

1:00 PM  |  The Ultimate Cosplay Q&A: Beyond the 101 - CosplaybyLo

4:00 PM  |  Anime Town Greenville is Now Closed! See You in 2024!


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